Random ramblings in Infosec

XSS Challenge – Sh*t it’s a WAF

During my research on a well known bug bounty program i came across a tricky XSS vulnerability that had some type of WAF filtering. I always like to play with WAFs so I tried to test the WAF and understand how it works. After doing few tests I found a weakness in the WAF and I’ve managed to bypass it and execute a cool alert box, however my payload had a mild user interaction. So I made this challenge out of it exactly as it was on the bug bounty website.

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BookFresh Tricky File Upload Bypass to RCE

Hello all :)

today i’m going to write about an interesting vulnerability i’ve found in Square’s Acquisition website that was escalated to remote code execution.

the story started when i saw that Bookfresh became a part of Square bug bounty program at Hackerone.
i decided to take a look at and start finding some vulnerabilities . i’ve found that the website is vulnerable to many XSS but i was looking for something bigger like Sql Injection or RCE.

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One Vulnerability allowed deleting comments of any user in all Yahoo sites

Hello all hatj

today i’m going to write about a strange and critical vulnerability that affected 90% of Yahoo’s Services such as:

Yahoo News , Yahoo Sports , Yahoo TV , Yahoo Music , Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Celebrity , Yahoo Voices and more .

the vulnerability allowed me to delete any user comments in all these Yahoo sites.
the impact of the vulnerability is high because it could delete millions of comments .

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osCommerce v2.x SQL Injection Vulnerability

Hello everyone hatj

This is my first writeup and i would like to start it with the 0day vulnerability that i’ve found recently in osCommerce the well known open-source commerce web application .

it wasn’t a very easy task for me to find a vulnerability in the oscommerce as it’s an open source and being developed for many years but i always like accepting the tough challenges so i wanted to start playing with it.

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